Power High Court

  Like the SC, HC has been vested with quite extensive and effective powers
  Highest Court of appeal in the state.
  Protector of the Fundamental Rights
  Vested with the power to interpret the Constitution.
  It has supervisory and consultative roles
  Constitution does not contain detailed provisions with regard to the jurisdiction and powers of a high court.

At present, a high court enjoys the following jurisdiction and powers:
1. Original jurisdiction.
2. Writ jurisdiction.
3. Appellate jurisdiction.
4. Supervisory jurisdiction.
5. Control over subordinate courts.
6. A court of record.
7. Power of judicial review

 Present jurisdiction and powers of a high court are governed by
(a) Constitutional provisions,
(b) Letters Patent,
(c) Acts of Parliament,
(d) Acts of State Legislature,
(e) Indian Penal Code, 1860,
(f) Cirminal Procedure Code, 1973,
(g) Civil Procedure Code, 1908

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