Lecture – 134 : परिवार न्यायालय- Family Courts

Family Courts   Family Courts Act, 1984 was enacted to provide for the establishment of Family Courts 1)-To promote conciliation(समझौता) 2)-Secure speedy settlement of disputes relating to   Marriage and   Family affairs Why Separate Family Courts  Several associations of women, other organizations and individuals have urged, from time […]

Lecture – 117 : नगर पालिकाओं निगम- Municipalities corporation -Urban Local Self Government (74th CAA of 1992)

Local Government    System of urban government was constitutionalised through the 74th Constitutional Amendment Act of 1992.  At the Central level, the subject of ‘urban local government’ is dealt with by the following three ministries: • (i) Ministry of Urban Development, created as a separate […]