Lecture – 45 : Governor ( Part 1)

GOVERNOR    Articles 153 to 167-> Part VI -> Constitution deal with the state executive    Not Applicable -> Special Status-> State of J&K    State Executive 1)-Consists of the governor, 2)-The chief minister, 3)-The council of ministers and 4)-The advocate general of the state.   […]

Lecture – 51 : Cabinet Committees

Cabinet Committees   Extra-Constitutional in emergence.   In other words, they are not mentioned in the Constitution.   Set up by the Prime Minister according to the exigencies of time and requirements of the situation.   Reduce the enormous workload of the Cabinet.   Membership […]

Lecture – 44 : Vice President of India

Vice-President ELECTION   Vice-President, like the president- Indirect Election   Electoral College- Consisting of members of both Houses of Parliament.   1. It consists of both elected and nominated members of the Parliament (in the case of president, only elected members).   No-> State legislative assemblies (in the case of […]